A Mission to Develop
Better Cancer Therapeutics

A Mission to Develop
Better Cancer Therapeutics

Our Leadership Includes Cancer Therapeutics and Antibody Drug Development Experts

The Resonant team has many decades of deep cancer biology and drug discovery experience and world-class antibody engineering expertise.
Resonant leadership has a successful track record of oncology drug development and oncology business development, including multiple programs that are marketed or in clinical trials and multiple successful company exits.

John K. Westwick, PhD

Founder, CEO

Oliver Delgado, PhD

Executive Director, Cancer Biology

Shaun Stewart, PhD

Executive Director, Head of Antibody Discovery and Engineering

Byung-Kwon Choi,

Senior Scientist

Our team brings experience from top companies and research institutions including:

Advisors to Resonant include:

Steven J. Weiss, M.D.

Upjohn Professor, U. of Michigan Life Sciences Institute and Cancer Center

Michael Mancini, Ph.D.

Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

John G. Monroe Ph.D.

Former Genentech leadership, U Penn

David Webb, Ph.D.

Scripps Research Institute Fromer head of Research, Celgene

Greg Landes, Ph.D.

Former leadership at Takeda, Genzyme, Abgenix, Lexicon

Kathy Cho, M.D.

Professor, U. of Michigan School of Medicine, Cancer Center and Pathology

Dafydd G. Thomas, M.D., Ph.D.

D. U. of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center and Pathology


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